Presenting Sri Lanka

The Pearl of the Indian Ocean; renowned across the globe for its treasures of heritage, culture, people and nature, proudly carries a history of over 2500 years. Today, it is a nation on the cusp of reaching its absolute potential, a nation banking on her younger generation to effortlessly elevate her into a future of promise and prosperity, a nation wanting to retain, learn from and build on its past, a nation adapting to the evolution of times, with her sights set on the horizon of a better tomorrow.

In reflection of that promise, the pavilion for Sri Lanka seeks to narrate that undeniable truth by pushing forth the island as a prime destination in a global context. Treading on a harmonic water-based theme designed by an exemplary team from the University of Moratuwa, the pavilion has been recognized as a front-runner in design at the Expo2020 in Dubai. Showcasing a hydraulic civilization through the perspective of tourism, the concept revolves around the three key pillars of Authenticity, Compactness and Diversity; using that as medium to take visitors on a journey through its history, culture, nature, people, and countless other facets by weaving a story that’s set on not just showcasing a destination, but inspiring a world.

Inauguration SL Pavilion

By a giving out a glimpse of the island life we’ve all come to love, the pavilion extends a breathtaking tale of splendor, to help entice visitors and investors alike. The experience is designed and curated to convey Sri Lanka’s warmth and hospitality via an immersive, memorable and personal journey that resonates the island’s exotic nature and truly makes it encounter unlike any other.

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