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Mr. Donald Felix , Director
Address : No. 425E,Ranabima Mawatha, Mulleriyawa North, Sri Lanka.
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Mob: +94 767340957

Drinking tea is a global practice that many people worldwide enjoy. Many start the day with a refreshing cup of tea in the morning. This satisfying practice is what Nature Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd is attempting to support their customers in. The company ensures that they provide customers with the best quality tea, filling their days with refreshment and content. Refreshment and content are the key values that the company offer to their customers.

Throughout history Ceylon tea has been known around the world for its rich aroma and high quality in relation to colour and taste. These features ensure a unique flavour in a cup of Ceylon tea. This adds value to Ceylon tea in the global markets. It is additionally clear that many tea drinkers in the international markets highly value Ceylon tea and ensure that they consume it when possible. This is the opportunity that customers of the company will receive, to consume high quality Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka.

The company will work toward ensuring that they offer the best products in the market. The demand for packaged tea is increasing while exporters do not export tea in bulk form. This is beneficial to parties who export tea as the customers will receive the quality levels close to the source of manufacturing. In this instance, the customers receive high quality Ceylon tea products.

The company offers many products in line with the categories of teas available under the brand Ceylon Tea and allows the customers to enjoy the health giving properties of tea. With the focus on health increasing globally, tea drinking is catching on at an unprecedented rate. Due to heavy antioxidants in place, tea is one drink which will clean the system and fight the aging of the cells. Thus, in addition to being a refreshing drink, tea also ensures that the tea drinkers enjoy a number of health benefits as well. The result is the increasing market for tea in the world.

There are many categories of tea such as yellow tea, green tea, herbal tea and black tea. The category which is largest out of these areas is black tea due to the various ways in which it can be prepared. However, due to the perceived health giving properties, green tea consumption is growing very fast globally. Thus, tea consumption is a growing market and Nature Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd is placed in the markets with the best of quality products, backed by the larger brand Ceylon Tea. Thus, the company is currently in a growing market with the right products. This will lead the company towards growth in the future.

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