Kanchana Batiks

Address : No.66/7,  1st lane,  Elapahala Road, Gorakapitiya, Piliyandala, Sri lanka
Tel : +94 11 27 00 537 / 0778 833833 / 0778 988 988 / 0778 750 177
Email : kanchanabatiks@gmail.com
Website : www.kbatiks.com

About us

We are one of the greatest Batik Manufacturers in Sri Lanka. We always produce our products at the best quality. We participate local as well as international trade fairs so that our products are well known over many countries. We have well trained batik workers at our workshop, and we are able to handle any kind of batik fabrics & designs which can give 100% satisfaction to our customers.


To produce the highest quality authentic batik products
To create superior and unique designs
To maintain a systematic production house with continuous innovations


To offer wide range of high-quality Batik products to our customers while being the pioneer in creating a hybrid textile culture in Sri Lanka and to introduce Sri Lankan Batik to the people all over the world.

We have an inhouse facility of production and design, ably assisted by 1518 number of employees along with our management team.

Kanchana Batiks