Embassy of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

United Arab Emirates

Address : Embassy of Sri Lanka, Villa No. 18/A, Sector E 18/3, Salam Street, P.O. Box: 46534, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Tel : +971 2 631 6444 | +971 2 634 6481
Email : slemb.abudhabi@mfa.gov.lk
Website : www.embassyofsrilankauae.com

The Embassy of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in the United Arab Emirates engages in the enhancement of bilateral political, economic, scientific, cultural, educational and labour relations between Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates.

Following the establishment of diplomatic relations between Sri Lanka and UAE in 1979, the resident Mission of Sri Lanka was opened in Abu Dhabi in 1979 with a Charge d’Affaires a.i. and it was upgraded to the Ambassadorial level in 1983.

Since then, the Embassy has been working towards to fortify the bilateral friendly relations with UAE which has been significantly enhanced over the decades. The enhancement of trade, investment, tourism, and employment opportunities for Sri Lankans in the UAE market is also among the priority areas.

Besides the above, the Embassy renders its services to the Sri Lankan expatriates nearly for 150,000 residing in UAE, assisting them with numerous consular and labour issues, especially taking care of welfare of the unskilled workforce.